The Magic of Words

What’s the big deal about a bunch of words all strung together? Why do you need someone to help you with creating content for your website or project?

BECAUSE WORDS ARE POWERFUL. A string of words can be like a string of magical, twinkling Christmas lights. The soft rhythm of a perfect sentence can stir emotions, making us feel sad, happy, squirmy, mad, or nostalgic. Emotions inspire us and spur us to act.

Words can carry us away on magic carpets to wherever we want to go. Words can create new worlds and fresh ideas. They can build bridges between people and connect people from opposite, far-flung corners of the earth. Words can build trust, warmth, and relationships.

Let’s face it. Some people can’t string together a coherent, lovely sentence. They’d rather do math, invent something, bake a pie, or go bird-watching. But some people are wordsmiths. (These people are also called nerds, but labels are so unimportant, don’t you think?) The point is, some people love to write, obsessing over each word as tenderly as if picking a firstborn’s name.

Your website or project is important to you. It represents you. You want the content to be engaging, fresh, and inspirational. You want to increase traffic, bring in more viewers, and get more hits. Attention spans are short, my friends. If you don’t engage people quickly with quality content, your viewers will evaporate into the internet ethers with a simple, dreaded click.

Pencil to Paper is a professional writing service that takes the stress out of all of your content dilemmas. It allows me to do what I love–writing–and allows you do get back to bird-watching or pie-baking, or whatever it is that you love to do.

You can contact me at for all your magic carpet and nerdy wordsmithing needs.


Birthday Shake Up

Another birthday is looming in front of me, the glare of 42 candles searing my eyes. Yep, 42 big ones, and I’m thinking it’s high time for a mid-life crisis. A mix-it-up, throw-it-in-the-air-like-you-just-don’t care, shake-up-the-snow-globe-and-see-where-the-flakes-land mid-life event. It could be an extravaganza.

Maybe we all need a mid-life shake-up every few decades. I’m not talking about getting a sports car or trading in the hubs for a younger model. I’m talking about checking in and asking ourselves some tough questions.

Like, Self, who the heck are you called to be? What makes you truly, deep-in-your belly happy? What is holding you back from taking a leap? And for God’s sake, why oh why are you holding so tightly to the things that are squelching and smushing your obvious greatness?

Back to the looming birthday. There are many downsides to getting older, like finding out what “crepey” skin is and the cruel effects of gravity on all things beginning with T and A. But the upsides are very, very uppity.

You become more comfortable in your crepey, droopy skin. You start to accept and maybe even embrace yourself for who you are. All the background noise starts to fade, and you realize what’s really important: relationships, family, love.

All this clarity is certainly a blessing, but it also comes with responsibility. DARN IT! Sometimes, clarity calls you to act. It may call you to be bold and shake up the snow globe winter village that you have spent your life creating. It may call you to quit your job, end a relationship, move, or stop a bad habit that is wreaking havoc upon your life.

Truthfully, clarity can be a real pain in the ass. Once you join the 40’s club, you can’t hide behind the curtain of youthful ignorance anymore. Frankly, you’ve known yourself long enough now to call yourself on your own hogwash hooey. Generally, you know what you need to do; it’s just a matter of finding your kahunas and being brave enough to do it.

So as my own furnace of 42 candles burns brightly this year, I’m feeling the urge to dip my toe in some new waters. Truthfully, it scares me to death. I’m hoping I find some smidgen of courage to dive in and see where the current takes me. At the very least, I’ll go for a refreshing mid-life swim.