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I’m a married, 40-something mom and attorney who writes about joy, parenting, gratitude, and the lessons of everyday life experiences.

Here are some of my favorite pieces:

Drainers and Fillers: Which One Are You?

Exploring the positive and negative energies we bring into our lives and relationships.

Of course, we would all rather be Fillers than Drainers, but take a moment and really consider how you are interacting with and approaching all of your roles in the world. As a wife, mother, daughter, or sister, are you a Filler or a Drainer? As an employee or boss, are you adding energy or draining it? When you go to the post office, the grocery store, or the dentist, are you filling cups or draining them?

A Summer Slow-Down Instead of a Summer Bucket List

Savoring the slow pace of summer instead of filling every moment with activities.

Thank God for the summer slow-down. The rest of the year races by like a merciless bullet, every minute stuffed to the gills with activities and to-do’s. Then, the months of June, July, and August slip in like a buttery piece of poetry, beckoning us to slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. An invitation to catch our breath and just be.

Stress Management for Moms: 5 Tips From an Expert

Tips from a licensed social worker to keep your sanity in the midst of parenting. 

It’s at this dire apex that you officially reach your “I’m done” moment. At this point, you feel that it’s scientifically impossible for you to make another meal, wipe another nose, pick up another mess, or fold another miniature shirt. You sink into a puddle on the stairs, letting a solitary tear run down your weary face.

Self-Care 101: 3 Simple Ways to Reclaim Your Sparkle

The good news is, this self-care game doesn’t have to be complicated. Simple, deliberate acts of self-care can bring back our shimmer.

Those e-mails confirmed my long-held suspicion that I have indeed lost my sparkle. I know I’m not the only one. There are gazillions of us out there, momming and adulting as if it were a tireless Olympic event. We take care of everyone; we juggle kids, jobs, mortgage payments, and endless laundry. We’re counselors, maids, butlers, cooks, taxi drivers, and household CEO’s, all day, everyday.

Tween Angst: How to Deal

Tips to deal with grumpy yet lovable tweens.

So, here we are, my son on the brink of middle school and embarking on our first forays into tween angst. Even at ten, the hormonal engine is starting to rev up, a premonition of the massive physical and emotional changes on the horizon. Moods change like the weather, dark clouds clearing to sunshine with little warning. “Mommy” is morphing to “Mom;” cuddles are swapping with eye rolls and sassy sighs.

Mindfulness and the March of Time

Using mindfulness be present in each moment of life even as it zooms by.

And yet, there is no point in becoming too despondent over the scuttle of time because in the meantime, the next moment has already arrived. It seems the only thing we can do is embrace the here and now, and do our best to thrive in each moment. Mindfulness.

5 Quick, Kid-Friendly Recipes for Busy Nights

Easy recipes for dinner that your kids will love.

Did you ever notice that kids want to eat dinner every.single.night? The little buggers always want to be fed, even when you’re exhausted and only have a 20-minute window between soccer and swim practice. With homework and after-school activities, evenings can be chaotic. It can be tempting just to toss a chicken nugget at your kids or pull the mini-van through the drive through.

6 Fall-Inspired Treats Perfect for Halloween

Yummy, family-friendly treats for Fall. 

As the seasons change, my mind inevitably drifts to delicious fall-inspired treats like pumpkin bread, caramel apples, and roasted pumpkin seeds. These autumn indulgences have become traditions in our house and mark the shift from summer to fall.