Mom. Wife. Writer. Attorney. Recovering perfectionist and humble truth seeker. 

I am a writing junkie and love the art of word-smithing. I’m in my happy place when I’m using my words to bring peace, joy, and simplicity into people’s lives.

An attorney by trade, I have years of experience working with non-profits serving the needs of vulnerable populations of people such as children and immigrants. I am currently the Director of an immigration legal services program in Charleston, South Carolina, where I help immigrants to apply for visas, green cards, and citizenship, as well as managing offices all over the state. These experiences have taught me the value of compassion, love, service, and resiliency.

In 2015, my friend, Amanda Keiffer, and I started a happiness blog at http://www.hellobliss.net. What started as a simple idea to start writing again became a transformative experience of becoming more mindful, calm, and joyful in my own daily life.

IMG_2608In my writing, I aim to share that same transformative experience with others, finding meaning in life’s sometimes harrowing twists and turns. As a mother of two young children, I explore the challenges and endless humor of parenting. Seeking my own truths, I write about the adventures of finding balance and creating a happy home.

I believe there are stories everywhere, and I look forward to sharing your stories in a meaningful, engaging way.