Love is the bridge

I recently read a Rumi quote that caught my attention: “Love is the bridge between you and everything.” As I adhere to the somewhat woo-woo notion that quotes, people, and coincidences flutter around in the universe and then decidedly land right where they should, I paid attention. 

Why not apply Rumi’s lovelorn rumination to all the dark corners and serpentine paths that life takes us on? When faced with difficult situations and relationships, why not throw a big ball of love at it? 

For me, this requires a massive reset. In the midst of challenging life matters, my tendency is to ball up, freak out, overthink, and ponder intricate and gory details of worst-case scenarios. And then wander around like a forlorn zombie, seeped in anxiety and negative thoughts. 

Our thoughts are so important to our mental health. Negative thoughts are normal, but fixating on these thoughts just leads to more negative thoughts, like cells dividing and multiplying on a staggering scale. 

Rumi reminds me to flip the switch, recalibrate, and change the nature of my thoughts. Life is always going to be hard. Suffering is inevitable. I can only control how I frame it and how I respond. 

Grumpy, sassy, landmine-tripping teenagers. 

The exasperation that flows from many, many years of blissful marriage. 

Toxic, icky work environments and perceived professional slights. 

A life so full, it threatens to pop, its contents spilling onto an overly-inked calendar. 

Friendships that ebb and flow and grow and end.

But then, like an unexpected, much-needed blessing, there are these moments of deep and soul-shifting beauty. 

A sunset so golden it makes you melt.

A poignant reminder of the circle of life.

A compliment that lights you up like a jar of fireflies.

A moment in time where everything comes together like serendipity.

We ride the waves of life, and our minds and thoughts narrate the story. If love is the bridge between you and everything, let’s pave the path with conscious positive and affirming thoughts. Why not tell ourselves a better story, with bridges made out of light and love?

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