2021: The Year to rise

Each year, I pick a word to guide me through the year. My yearly word serves as a gentle bumper to keep me in the right headspace. The word always comes to me sometime in December, alighting on my shoulder as softly as a butterfly. 

This year, my word is “Rise.” 

I want to rise to my potential and rise to be the full expression of me. When I’m having a moment—of darkness, of indecision—I want the word “rise” to take my hand and pull me up. I want to pause and fly above myself like a wise-winged angel, seeing the moment for what it is.

The word “rise” weaves its way into our language again and again. Rise to the occasion. Rise and shine. Rise up. Give rise to. Rise from the dead. Rise through the ranks. Sunrise. Rise to the challenge. Rise above.

Rise can be a verb or a noun, which feels just right for a guiding word. Sometimes you feel like being active and sometimes you just want the truth to find you. Rise can be the act of moving from a lower ground to a higher ground or it can be an upward movement, like the rising of the sun each day.

Every day is a new chance to rise. Every day is a new beginning. That is a gift and a relief in and of itself.

I wish you well in 2021. Like the butterfly emerging from the cocoon, may we show our true colors, spread our wings, and rise. 

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