Find your flow

Time falls away, the minutes melting and dripping like the softest wax. You are immersed in the moment, outside of yourself and in the most perfect flow. It’s a river that was made for you, a satin ribbon of water carrying you into the moonlight. 

You are in the zone, utterly absorbed in an activity, whether it be sports, writing, painting, playing an instrument, gardening, sewing, bungie jumping, or dancing. Or anything that makes you feel alive and challenged and full. These creative activities give your life purpose and clarity.

Being creative is good for your mental health, giving you a shot of dopamine, slowing your heartrate and boosting your immune system. Creativity can help you take the edge off of depression and anxiety and even work through trauma. 

The average person has 60,000 thoughts a day. These thoughts and worries ping and pong off our skulls all day long. Our mischievous egos make up all kinds of stories, taking us on imaginary and exhausting mental journeys through every cranny and nook. 

Flow, blessed flow, is an escape from this constant barrage of thoughts. It is dipping your toe in another world and then, being slowly pulled in piece by piece. Peace by peace. 

Where do you find your flow? If you can’t put your finger on it, explore what you did as a child that made you lose track of time. For me, even as a child, it was writing. I could spill my stories and poems on a page, and time fell away like the softest rain. I would lose myself on the golden path of finding just the right word or the perfect metaphor.

These creative activities are the things that feed our souls. They transport us out of the mundane “to-do” lists, the frenetic busyness, and the autopilot routine that dominates most of our minutes. If you find your flow, allow yourself to settle in and be carried away.  Getting lost in the flow may be the best way to find yourself.

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